Multiple Teams · Play Spotlight: Zane Molinar


Zane Molinar is a Senior Safety and Wide Receiver for the Palo Duro Dons.  What is probably the most impressive thing about Zane, has nothing to do with running routes or covering receiver (both of which he is really good at).  However, his most important feature is that he is a leader.  This young man does or tries to do even the simplest task the right way, and also holds his fellow athletes accountable to his standards as well.  If there is a teammate that needs a ride to practice, he picks them up.  If there is a student struggling in the classroom, he helps them understand the lesson.  He exemplifies what a Don should be.  He is also a standout track athlete, with plans to be on the 4×200 relay this year.  Look for Zane Molinar at the Dons football games, which will not be hard to do, considering he will probably be one of the many Dons making the plays every time!